About me

I’m currently a physicist at Pendar Technologies in Cambridge, MA, working with a team to develop material analysis and reaction monitoring platforms using Raman and infrared spectroscopy. In short, we shoot a laser at something and try to tell you what it is, and how it’s changing over time. The goal of this site is mostly to share my publications and other work (see the links at the top right of the page).

Contact: tmansuripur@gmail.com

Things I did earlier

Grad School (2010-2016): I did my Ph.D. in the Physics Department at Harvard University, working in the group of Federico Capasso. I did table-top optics experiments and laser theory to try to understand why quantum cascade lasers emit the many wavelengths that they do.

Masters (2009-2010): I took the Part III Maths Course at Cambridge University, with courses in theoretical physics and quantum information theory. I was supported by a Churchill Scholarship during this time.

Undergrad (2005-2009): I studied physics at UC Santa Barbara, and did fluidic transport experiments in the group of Todd Squires.